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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Further problems with HyperSCSI and vbds...


Sorry it's taken so long for us to understand what you're trying
to do. 

>  3. Add proper support for HyperSCSI to Xen. You'd need some scheme
> for validating transmits which use the HyperSCSI transport, and
> demusing received frames to the appropriate domain. I don't know
> anything about teh protocol, so I don't know how easy this would be
> (e.g. how much state Xen would need to keep lying around).

The main thing would be turning the VFR into more of an L2 switch
than a router, with each domain having its own MAC[*]. We could then
add a rule to grant a domain TX permission for a particular 802
protocol number. HyperSCSI presumably has some high-level
server-based authentication and privilege verification? If so, it
should be pretty straightforward. 

[*] each domain already has its own MAC for purposes of DHCP, but
for normal TX packets we currently replace the MAC with the
Ethernet card's real MAC. This was congruent with the view of the
VFR as a router rather than a switch, and also to keep the local
sys-admins happy who would otherwise see potentially thousands of
new MAC addresses. 


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