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[Xen-devel] NetBSD port updated


I've updated the NetBSD port:
- use pagetable pinning (requires Xen1.2 with ChangeSet 1.705 applied).
- fix PG_ZERO page not empty failure
- fix memory leak in network driver
- boot regular/unmangled kernel from NetBSD specific domain builder

NetBSD seems quite stable with these changes now...

See http://lola.pin.lu/netbsd/xen/readme-040207 for details on how to get

Ian/Keir: the patches for the domain builder are at
I had to modify xc_dom_create.py (and called it xc_dom_create_nb.py for now)
because I don't ((feel like I) want to) know how to call function references
in python ;-)  If you make the builder call indirect through builder_fn,
xc_dom_create.py should work for both NetBSD and Linux.  There could
probably be some more code sharing between xc_linux_build.c and
xc_netbsd_build.c, maybe even auto-detection...


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