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[Xen-devel] Re: NetBSD port updated

> > I think we should try to merge netbsd_build and linux_build into a
> > 'guest_build' that autodetects based on kernel-image format.
> > 
> > I'm not sure whether right now is the time to do that --- I think
> > there are some other updates to the 1.2 tools soon to be checked
> > in... Ian?
> I've picked up Christian's changes and just made the function
> pointer stuff work.  I haven't thought about save/restore, but
> its possible the Linux functions may just work. 
> Some of the netbsd builder code will have to change slightly when
> it moves to 1.3. This is probably the time to clean up the code
> sharing and auto detect.

Hmmm. Okay I guess it makes sense to the merging of the two functions
as part of the forward port of all the 1.2 modifications to 1.3.

Presumably the 1.2 stuff must be just about done?

 -- Keir

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