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[Xen-devel] Re: NetBSD port updated

> > I think we should try to merge netbsd_build and linux_build into a
> > 'guest_build' that autodetects based on kernel-image format.
> yes...  but why are you not using the elf loader for Linux as well?  The
> XenoGues format doesn't contain any additional information since the
> 0xc0000000 is in the elf header...
> I think for NetBSD in domain0 I'll use the elf loader code to build an
> elf->XenoGues translator...  Or would it be easy enough to add the elf
> loader for domain0 as well?  I assume this is the original motivation for
> the XenoGues format?

Yes, but actually I think simple Elf loading of fully-linked images is
very easy so perhaps we should just do that in all cases.

Does NetBSD expect any special parameters when you jump into the OS
image? I'm wondering whether it is possible to eliminate all
differences between linux_build and netbsd_build. If not we can just
keep separate function calls, or have a 'guest_build' which accepts an
'OS type' argument.

 -- Keir

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