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Re: [Xen-devel] xeno-1.2.bk compilation question?

> The system is Mandrake-9.1 Linux wih gcc-3.2.2.
> I am trying to compile xenolinux-2.4.24 (with vanilla sources from
> ftp.kernel.org for linux-2.4.24). The steps of
> mkbuildtree
> ARCH=xeno make menuconfig

In teh step above you probably configured something that isn't
supported in Xenolinux. Most likely this was in the 'ACPI' or
'character devices' menu.

As Ian suggedted, do a completely clean build 'make mrproper' and use
the default configuration 'make oldconfig'.

I can't actually see a reason why ACPI is a configuration option in
Xenolinux. I'll remove it.

 -- Keir

> ARCH=xeno make dep
> produce no errors, but
> ARCH=xeno make bzImage
> results in following error messages.
> Any pointers will be appreciated.
> -ishwar

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