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RE: [Xen-devel] txenmon: Cluster monitoring/management

> ...and a few other things.  Right now migration is via reboot, not
> suspend; haven't had a chance to troubleshoot resume further.  

We've improved the front-end to the resume functionality since you
highlighted the problenm, so you may want to have a look at the modified
tools if you have time.

The previous version xc_dom_control.py just called linux_restore in the
Xc library in order to reload a domain's memory state.  That didn't
recreate all of the VBDs, or set up the appropriate VFR (Virtual
Firewall Router) state, which was the problem you'd experienced.

I'm not sure what version of the tools you're using.  We now use
'xc_dom_create.py' to start / restore domains - this can reads it's
configuration from a file, using the '-f' option.  We use
xc_dom_control.py to control running domains.

Using the latest tools stuff, you domains should be restored using
xc_dom_create.py, specifying the original configuration file as usual,
with the '-f' flag (which provides information for setting up the VFR /
VBDs again) but also the domain memory state file, using the '-L' flag
for 'Load domain state from file'.  That way, the VBD / VFR state gets
put back before the domain is restarted.

Also, the save option of xc_dom_control.py is now 'suspend' and it stops
and destroys the copy of the domain in memory after it has been
suspended to disk (so it can't change it's persistent storage, etc.,
which would otherwise confuse the image you if resume from file later).

> This is all to support a production Xen cluster rollout that I plan to
> have running by the end of this month.  I really don't want to go back
> to UML at this point, and if I don't have this cluster 
> running by March
> I'm in deep doo-doo -- so I'm committed to working full-time on Xen
> tools now.  ;-}

Thanks for the contribution!  And good luck, too!


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