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[Xen-devel] RE: VBD / VD Problem

Hi there,

Your first problem looks like a typo.  Your output from "xc_vd_tool.py list" 
shows two virtual disks, IDs '1' and '2'.  Your command line for 
xc_dom_control.py specifies 'vd:0' as the uname of the VBD to add.  According 
to the output of your VD listing, 0 doesn't exist, which is why the control 
tool is exploding.  I'll look at adding some error checking into it.

In answer to your second question: the /dev/xvd* nodes aren't created by the 
control tools, however there is a script provided to create them for you in 
tools/misc/xen-mkdevnodes.  I might add a note on this into the VBD-HOWTO when 
I get a chance.



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