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Re: [Xen-devel] 09 Feb 1.2 hangs on partition check

> Has anyone started work on a regression test infrastructure?  I'm
> thinking either something local, or something distributed similar to the
> cpan-testers pool...

We've got a simple regression test that runs and measures the
performance of the following benchmarks running in domain 0:

 * linux builds
 * SPEC CINT 2000
 * PostgreSQL / OSDB (OLTP and IR)
 * lmbench
 * ttcp TCP test (mtu 1500 & 500)
We haven't got anything that tests domains other than domain 0.
There's also the issue that SPEC CINT 2000 is proprietary so we
can't give it away to other people to run. I'm planning on
putting the rest of the test harness and the file system its
installed on up for download, in the hope that people will
improve it.

In particular, the test suite is installed on a RH7.2 file
system. It would be nice to upgrade this to something newer, and
more relevant to what people are actually using XenoLinux on.


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