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Re: [Xen-devel] ntp hangs odd-num domains

> This is kinda quirky. 
> Somtimes my guests would hang after ntp started.  With some playing around
> I determined this happens only in odd numbered domains.   Even numbered
> domains run fine but when ntpd starts in the odd domains existing ssh
> connetions hang, and I can't make new ssh connections.   The afflicted
> domain does respond to ping and to 'xc_dom_control.py shutdown'.
> This happens if I run the guests serially using the same root partition.
> Domain 0 is not running ntp.  I suppose the clock is a shared resource
> so I ought to only have DOM0 set it, and not the guests.
> This is with the xeno-1.2.bk tree.

Is the box a dual? It could be an SMP-related issue -- odd domains
would run on CPU1 by default.

Running NTP on non-privileged domains should work -- by default a
non-privileged domain will sync against Xen (and Xen is in turn synced
against ntpd in DOM0). If a non-priv domain runs an NTP daemon then it
essentially detaches itself from Xen wall-time.

 -- Keir

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