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Re: [Xen-devel] Support for privileged operations?

On Tuesday 17 February 2004 14:41, Keir Fraser wrote:
> We haven't had time to test many different Xenolinux config
> arrangements. We'll happily accept patches to fix this kind of
> problem!

I will be more than glad to help but unfortunately I cannot do much in the 
following week or two (must deploy several critical production servers). From 
the same reason my Xen testing will calm down a little :)

Also, I can confirm that P4 is a safe CPU config option when building 100% 
monolith XenoLinux while QoS seems to have strange effects. Only thing left 
to be tested is interaction of the afore mentioned when building modular 
kernel. Then I will have definitive answers about problematic/safe options. I 
suspect that mmu update panic is somehow related to modular kernel.

> Note also that you *don't* have to disable 'privileged Xenolinux' to
> be able to safely run domains other than zero. Xen enforces this for
> you -- the privilged parts of a non-zero domain are essentially
> useless.

Sure, I just wanted to optimize the size of the guest image :)

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