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Re: [Xen-devel] Kernel panic while compiling kernel

Keir Fraser wrote:

I'm not talking about Linux -- I'm talking about Xen itself. Xen depends on the local system includes, which is not good. Xen is definitely not built with -nostdinc, which is what I am trying to fix.

Really? From within the Xen bukd tree, try:
make clean
make | grep "^gcc" | grep -v nostdinc

No kernel object files will be printed.

Note that all directories pull in arch/i386/Rules.mk, and that file
adds -nostdinc to CFLAGS.

-- Keir
Ahh, missed that. It seems that -nostdinc shouldn't really be arch dependent, but I don't see much point in reworking the build now.

Zachary Amsden

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