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[Xen-devel] Re: Paging oopses

> Aargh!  Please disregard.  While processing ksymoops just now I realized
> that the two guest machines that had these oopses were in fact the
> *only* two that I hadn't yet upgraded to the 12 Feb/GCC 3.3.2 xenolinux.
> These were running the new Xen, old xenolinux.  All others have been
> fine, with a week of runtime so far.

Phew. :-)

Of course, we're interested in any crashes that occur when using GCC
2.95.3 and 3.3.x. We'll also accept crash dumps from 3.2.2 -- I've
heard that this compiler has trouble with Linux in some cases, but
since it's the compiler that we use the most (it ships with RH9), we
have some degree of trust in it!

I've taken a lot of time in the last week to shake bugs out of
Xen/Xenolinux 1.2. Hopefully this will reduce the number of bug
reports, despite the recent upgrade to linux-2.4.25.

 -- Keir

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