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Re: [Xen-devel] DEBUG output starving network requests

> Keir has told me that this is harmless. I don't know if there is any
> way around it, but while this is going on I'm not able to talk to the
> machine over the network.

An easy fix for now will be to modify xen/common/memory.c. Wherever
dom0_get_page() is used, you'll notice that it's only in the fallback
path after failing on a call to get_page(). You can get rid of the
domain-builder errors by replacing code like:
 if ( !get_page() && ((domain != 0) || !dom0_get_page()) )
 if ( !dom0_get_page() )

I'll fix the interface at some point so that the caller indicates
explicitly which domain it is executing page-table updates for. 

 -- Keir

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