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Re: [Xen-devel] refcount errors then crash on XenoLinux with the latest source

> > It happened again. Is it possible that Xen isn't disabling network
> > interrupts while it is "auditing all pages"?
> Quite possibly. The auditing code was added fairly recently
> specifically to assist debugging of a guest OS that was
> internally 'leaking' references to pages.
> Its not in any of the non-debug builds, and is not well
> tested. In the circumstance we were using it the problem with the
> guestOS was rather subtle and just a couple of pages were failing
> the audit and generating log messages. (The audit code gets
> called when the guest does something 'weird', or when you invoke
> the appropriate keyboard handler)
> If your machine has lots of physical memory, the auditing will
> take some time, and I'm not surprised that its causing
> problems. If its not helping you, just comment it out, or invoke
> it via the keyboard handler when you want it.

In fact the auditing code is only ever invoked in response to keyboard
or serial input. Just avoid pressing the 'm' key. :-)

 -- Keir

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