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Re: [Xen-devel] refcount errors then crash on XenoLinux with the latest source

> Or accidentally left-clicking on the console window with the mouse while
> trying to copy the output. Interesting side affect, several mouse clicks
> == reboot.

That would be a capital 'R' ;-)

Hit 'h' for help :

'h' pressed -> showing installed handlers
 key 'B' (ascii '42') => reboot machine gracefully
 key 'L' (ascii '4c') => reset sched latency histogram
 key 'P' (ascii '50') => reset performance counters
 key 'R' (ascii '52') => reboot machine ungracefully
 key 'a' (ascii '61') => dump ac_timer queues
 key 'b' (ascii '62') => dump xen ide blkdev statistics
 key 'd' (ascii '64') => dump registers
 key 'h' (ascii '68') => show this message
 key 'l' (ascii '6c') => print sched latency histogram
 key 'p' (ascii '70') => print performance counters
 key 'q' (ascii '71') => dump task queues + guest state
 key 'r' (ascii '72') => dump run queues
 key '~' (ascii '7e') => toggle serial echo

This is from a 1.2 build. The 1.3 build has more debug handlers.

They're available over the serial line, or by pressing scroll
lock-and-key on the keyboard (even in production builds).  We've
found them very useful.


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