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Re: [Xen-devel] megaraid problem on hp netserver lh6000 - ignorebiostables o.k.

> > 3) Boot a 2.4.16 version of Linux (e.g. from the 1.0
> > XenDemoCD). If that fails, step forward versions until you find
> > the one where it starts working. (It's probably a BIOS table or
> > weird APIC issue)
> > 
> ? sorry ... what to do in detail ?
> On my XenDemoCD 1.0 download/22.01.2004 is only 2.4.22 as a boot
> config.
> This XenoLinux config booting is o.k.!
> In dmesg only one cpu.
> With mii-tools no network interface is accessible.

Hang-on, you mean the Linux 2.4.22 kernel is only finding one
CPU? I though an early message said it was OK SMP i.e. 'top'
shows 5 CPUs etc.

If 2.4.22 does work, please can you try compiling up a 2.4.20 to
see if that breaks. (there's a 2.4.16 on the *1.0* version of the

If we can find the most recent version that fails to work, that
will give us a clue as to what we're missing.

Having the Xen boot output will helpful too. Has this machine got
builtin-in remote console facilities that you could cut and paste
from instead of setting up a serial line?


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