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Re: [Xen-devel] xenolinux compilation error

> Hi,
> I've got some problems while compiling a linux-2.4.25 kernel patched
> with xenolinux-2.4.25-sparse tree.

The auto build daemon successfully built both the 1.2 and
unstable trees last night, so I think it must be something odd
about how you're building it.

Are you using a vanilla linux-2.4.25 tree as the base?
Did you follow the instructions for running mkbuildtree correctly?
Have you modified any of the kernel configuration parameters?
Are you remembering to set ARCH=xen ?

I'd expect the appended sequence to work (from the xen-clone


tar -zxf linux-2.4.25.tgz               # untar the vanilla build tree

cd xeno.bk/xenolinux-2.4.25-sparse      # cd into sparse tree in repo
./mkbuildtree ../../linux-2.4.25        # patch the vanilla tree
cd ../..
mv linux-2.4.25 xenolinux-2.4.25        # rename to reflect change

cd xenolinux-2.4.25

make ARCH=xen oldconfig                 # use default config
make ARCH=xen dep                       
make ARCH=xen bzImage                   
make ARCH=xen modules                   # build modules if required

# you may then find the 'install' or 'dist' targets useful.

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