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Re: [Xen-devel] Role of Xen/Xenolinux in New IO networking

> Thanks Keir, 
> It is much clearer now. Do you plan to drop the code into the unstable
> tree a bit-at-a-time or one big change when it is done?

A bit at a time, as far as is possible. Maintaining forked trees is
too much hassle. Hopefully the two architectures can coexist, with the
appropriate one being selected at compile time (eg,. by building Xen
with or without 'nodev=y').

> I have enjoyed watching the evolution...
> If I can help in debugging, or testing, I would be glad to volunteer.
> Am I right in saying, that at the moment, I can't launch a non-0 guest?
> (I am using the demo CD for non-0 domains, and have been booting each
> from the CD. Domain 0 grants read-access to the physical CD to all the
> guests. 
> The CD seems to be no longer accessible from a non-0 guest. [might be a
> configuration problem, though...]). 

If you did not build Xen with 'nodev=y', and you did not specifically
build real device drivers into Xenolinux, then everything should work
as it always has done. The CD should be accessible from other domains,
provided that appropriate VBD parameters are specified when the domain
is created.

> Is there any other structure I can use today to boot a non-0 guest with
> today's 1.3?

You can still build Xen and Xenolinux as you normally would. Out of
the box all the new IO world is disabled. You have to explicitly
select it at build time by compiling Xen with 'nodev=y make' and
configuring Xenolinux to allow physical device access (it's a kernel
config parameter).

Once the new IO stuff is complete, the old architceture will be
removed and devices-in-domains will become the default build

 -- Keir

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