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Re: [Xen-devel] Stale mfns in update_queue in XenoLinux, and suspend/resume

> it seems the suspend code in arch/xen/kernel/setup.c does not flush to
> mmu_update queue prior to suspend, and that as a result it may crash
> after resumption as a result of stale machine page frame references in
> the queue. Is this correct/should this behaviour be fixed? I am
> currently investigating a crash in my own migration code, and though I
> do flush the queue prior to obtaining a checkpoint, I still seem to be
> hit occasionally by stale references somewhere. 
> If suspension is going to be safe, I guess all uses of machine addresses
> should be treated as critical regions, to make sure a suspend/resume
> does not happen while they are still in scope? I know this will be
> problematic because of the batching of mmu-updates, perhaps it would be
> wise to revert to the old behavior of specifying them as virtual
> addresses, or maybe they should be converted on the fly, in a cli()
> context right before the hypercall?

Suspend/resume occurs in a process context. Since Xenolinux is
uniprocessor, I think that this should mean that there are no
outstanding page-update requests. Thinking about it, though, it's
possible that interrupt handlers and softirqs may add stuff to teh
update queue. For safety you might want to flush it immediately after

 -- Keir

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