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[Xen-devel] /etc/xc/defaults question..

I also downloadded the prebuilt images (xen.gz and xenolinux.gz).
The underlying system is Fedora-core-1.

I I boot the box from xen-1.2-CD and try
xc_dom-create.py -D ip=;mem=64

I can craete a new domain.

Now with new binaries (I am still having problems with the one that I

- system boots
- xen_nat_enable produces no error
- xc_dom_create.py -D vmid=1;ip=;mem-64 fails with
  a complaint about not finding a handle for interface 2..

Fedora-core-1 used /dev/hda1 for root /dev/hda2 for swap, so
what is the right entries in /etc/xc/defaults for:

. vbd_list = ?? (tried [ ('phy:hda1','hda1,'r') ] but no luck)
. cmdline_ip = ?? (did not change the original)
. cmdline_root = ?? (tried 'root=/dev/hda1 ro" bu did not work)

Any pointers?


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