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[Xen-devel] Xen Startup error

  • To: xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • From: Cong Du <ducong@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 20:29:19 +0000 (UTC)
  • Delivery-date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 08:46:47 +0100
  • List-id: List for Xen developers <xen-devel.lists.sourceforge.net>

Hi, guys
I am trying to use the Xen Demo CD and it has errors when starting up.
We have two CPUs.
This problem only occurs when the system is booted from the first entry:
Xen / XenoLinux 2.4.25. 
If the system is started from the safe mode, it is fine.
Can you help me in this problem?


As Follows:
CPU 0 (0x0000) enabled Processor #0 Pentium(tm) Pro APIC version 16

LAPIC (acpi_id[0x0002] id[0x1] enabled[1])
CPU 1 (0x0100) enabled Processor #1 Pentium(tm) Pro APIC version 16

IOAPIC (id[0x2] address[0xfec00000] global irq_base[0x0])
INT_SRC_OVR (bus[0] irq[0x0] global_irq[0x2] polarity[0x0] trigger[0x0])
INT_SRC_OVR (bus[0] irq[0x9] global_irq[0x9] polarity[0x1] trigger[0x3])
LAPIC_NMI (acpi_id[0x0001] polarity[0x1] trigger[0x1] lint[0x4])
Unsupported MADT entry type 0x6
LAPIC_ADDR_OVR (address[0x0])
Unknown interrupt

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