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Re: [Xen-devel] strange behaivior - xen 1.2

At first glance, the configuration looks fine.  I haven't seen anything so far 
that would explain the problems you're seeing.

Some more questions:
* How long do the other domains stop responding for?
* Do they all stop responding at the same time?
* How frequently does this repeat?
* Is this a new problem, or has your Xen install always done this?
* When did you get your 1.2 Xen? (i.e. how up to date is it?  there have been 
fixes to the 1.2 tree since the first release)
* Did you build from source or download binaries?
* Please send the output of xen_dmesg.py to this list (you will find 
xen_dmesg.py in the tools/misc directory of the source distribution if you do 
not have it installed)



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