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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen on VMware - how to install ?

> Weird as I am, I am trying to run Xen in VMware. Though it might sound
> like I am just testing the  limits of VM-on-VM technology, it would be
> nice to try out Xen without having to lay my hands on some extra piece
> of hardware.

We've generally found that Xen runs just fine on VMware.

> So I made a minimal RedHat 9 on a virtual SCSI disk. Copied xen.gz and
> xenolinux.gz from the demo CD to /boot. Added this to grub's menu.lst:

So your failing installation uses the same Xen/Xenolinux images as the
successfully-booting Demo CD?
> When booting the Xen demo 1.2 CD, xenolinux.gz says [Multiboot-module @
> 0x26d000, 0x1918cc bytes] looking like it's location in memory is
> different. Don't know if that is significant ?

Maybe. Are the xen.gz and xenolinux.gz files the same as on the Demo
CD? If so, then the most likely difference is that you are using a
different version or build of GRUB. You could stick an infinite loop[*]
at the start of Xen (in boot.S) and see if that prevents the crash. If
it doesn't then GRUB is to blame.

 -- Keir

*: e.g., change the line 'jmp hal_entry' to 'jmp start'.

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