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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen on VMware - how to install ?

> Uh-oh. Sounds like a build-adventure :-). Since I've never built Xen
> before it would probably take quite some time for me to set this up. I
> think trying another version of Grub or another distro would probably be
> quicker for me.

Try the following two Xen images:

These files are replacements for your current xen.gz -- they should be
copied on top of it.

The first image will probably have the same problem as the one on the
demo CD. If not then a bug has probably been fixed since the CD was

The second image may also crash, or it may hang. If the latter then
teh problem is in GRUB.

> /sbin/grub is version 0.93 (says so when I start it) on both the demo CD
> and in my VM. File sizes are identical: 196220 bytes. However, file date
> is Jan 25 2003 in my RedHat VM and Jun 25 2003 on the demo CD -
> different build ? I could copy grub from the demo CD and reinstall it in
> the boot sector, and see if that helps.

/sbin/grub isn't the bootloader itself. The main bootloader file is

> Which Linux distro have you used to run Xen on top of VMware ? The demo
> CD looks debianish, so is Debian Woody a fair guess ?

It's Red Hat -- probably version 9 (cat /etc/redhat-release).

 -- Keir

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