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Re: [Xen-devel] How does hypervisor handle the hypercalls from guest OSes?

for a new hypercall here are the files you need to change:

1. define a hypercall number + params in
xen/include/hypervisor-ifs/hypervisor-if.h or similar

2. add an entry corresponding to the hypercall number in the
hypervisor_call_table in xen/arch/i386/entry.S

3. implement the hypercall in xen (function as in entry.S)

4. provide an assempbly stub in XenoLinux for your hypercall like in:

then you can use the function name you use in hypervisor.h in XenoLinux.

alternatively you piggy-back your hypercall onto an existing one, if it
matches the function of that hypercall. quite a few hypercalls already
multiplex multiple related functions onto on hypercall.


On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 14:55, K.C. Chiu wrote:
> Hi All !!
> I'm trying to encapsulate some operations into "hypercall" and pass
> the hypercall into hypervisor.
> But I cannot find out how the hypervisor to deal with hypercalls
> from guest OSes.
> I find a function "do_dom0_op" in xeno-1.2.bk/xen/common/dom0_ops.c.
> It looks like the function which would deal with hypercalls .
> and I try to modify the code in do_dom0_op to handle my new hypercall,
> but I failed.
> can someone tell me how does hypervisor handle the hypercalls from
> guest OSes?
> Cheers
> -- C.K. Chiu ,
> Taiwan                                                                        

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