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Re: [Xen-devel] How does hypervisor handle the hypercalls fromguest OSes?

> But I have another question, how do I debug in the Xen hypervisor side?
> Just "printk" ?

Connect something (e.g. another computer) to the serial console,
and boot Xen with serial console enabled.

As well as printk, Xen has a GDB stub. This is quite powerful,
and can be used for debugging domains and processes too.
> However I could not find out any print message in /var/log/message and the
> xen_read_console ?

"xen_dmesg.py" in dom0 will show you the console output from
*Xen*. (//var/log/messages and xen_read_console are domain
console tools).

For any serious debugging, get yourself a serial line. xen_dmesg
isn't much use if either Xen or domain 0 are already blown to bits.

BTW: What does your new hypercall do?


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