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Re: [Xen-devel] How does hypervisor handle the hypercalls fromguest OSes?

> Well, I'm trying to enhance the operating system security through VMM
> technology.
> For guest OS's Audit log, I want to put the audit log file in domain 0's
> file system to avoid any modification from guest OSes.
> therefore, I need to encapsulate a new command into dom0's operation
> hypercall and hanlde the command in hypervisor to read the audit log file.

Use xen 1.3 ("unstable") as this provides much better support for
doing this -- there are generic communication and console paths
for between domains.

You could either just use the console connection to domain 0 (and
have xend log security messages to disk), or create a separate
console connection for security messages (again, modifying xend
to log to the messages).


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