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Re: [Xen-devel] Ring-1 drivers

> This is just a thumbs up that I've successfully upgraded my DP AMD64
> machine to head with nodev set in Xen and the various drivers enabled
> in xenolinux. The only gotcha was that, on the first pass, I didn't
> realize I needed to enable ethernet bridging.

Yes. If you run the device drivers in domain 0, rather than a
special-purpose device-driver domain, then your IP connectivity
disappears from DOM0. You need to configure device 'nbe-br' with your
IP/netmask, and update your forwarding rules to refer to nbe-br rather
than eth0.

In future we will also support methods of connectivity other than
bridging -- e.g., device-driver domain configured as gateway
router. For this we'll have to provide some convenient way to send
netlink messages over the device-driver control interface.

> The interesting part will come tomorrow after I've upgraded the firmware
> on the iSCSI initiator and try exporting LUNs to domains other than DOM0
> (assuming that is intended to work at this point).

Yes, there are new inter-domain device drivers for disc and
network. Just select 'new IO world' when configuring Xenolinux, but
exclude support for real physical device drivers (of course).

These drivers have only been tested with one domain using them at a
time, and the interface setup/teardown control in xend is very ropey
(will need rewriting properly). But it should work.

 -- Keir

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