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Re: [Xen-devel] xenolinux /dev/random

> I've never seen any obvious way to actually set any timeout, block
> size, or other parameters for an NFS root partition -- and it seems to
> ignore whatever's in fstab, which makes sense.  

What happens if you do a "mount -o remount" on an NFS root? Is it
just ignored?  

It is possible to set some options on the command line. See
> Right now the only reason I'm even using NFS is because a Xenoserver
> provider needs to be able to do backups, migration, failover, and so on.
> How are other people meeting these requirements?  Has the CoW
> development stalled?  

NFS root should be a good strategy -- its unfortunate the Linux
code has problems.  If you can find a reliable way of triggering
the Linux lockup, we'll have a sporting chance of being able to
fix it, and hopefully get a patch into the mainline tree.

Bin Ren developed a CoW block device driver, but I don't think
its received a huge amount of testing. Bin: could you check this in?

We also have a user-space CoW NFS server that runs in domain0 and
exports file systems to other domains. This is undergoing testing
right now.

> What about live migration?

Live migration is now working nicely -- I've got "one last bug"
that effects SMP systems then I'll check it in.




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