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[Xen-devel] oops while starting domain

This is an oops in DOM0 when starting a new domain, the previous domain
creations failed because I had misconfigured the root device so there
may have been some context that had been setup but incompletely torn

>>EIP; c013c3b3 <netif_create+c3/210>   <=====

>>ebx; 00017ab3 <__start___xen_guest+11d11/bfffa25e>
>>edx; 00017ab3 <__start___xen_guest+11d11/bfffa25e>
>>ebp; c028d630 <netif_hash+10/1000>
>>esp; c1367f2c <_end+10d4d44/102a9e78>

Trace; c013c00b <netif_ctrlif_rx+cb/f0>
Trace; c0005a40 <schedule+220/380>
Trace; c00bb61f <__ctrl_if_rxmsg_deferred+3f/60>
Trace; c000dfba <__run_task_queue+6a/90>
Trace; c00168e0 <context_thread+1e0/200>
Trace; c0016700 <context_thread+0/200>
Trace; c00b337b <arch_kernel_thread+2b/40>
Trace; c0016700 <context_thread+0/200>

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