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[Xen-devel] Xen 1.3/2.0 and stability. what i'm goign to do with it.....

I have been running Xen 1.3 on a machine for over 2 months now. No 
instabilities, no glitches, nothing (cept for a minor NFS server timeout once 
in a while, I think it's the server, not the box). 

Because of this I am doing a broader testing of xen in a cluster setup. I will 
be working on a set of perl (yes, I know python exists, but I don't know how to 
code python. 8-P) scripts and apps that will allow me to manage this cluster of 
xen boxes and their images. The purpose of the scripts is to monitor, start, 
stop, restart, etc xenolinux (and others like BSD/windows). In addition it will 
be used to do the automatic provisioning of new xenolinux instances after they 
are sold from the terrabox website.

For now i'll be selling mini dev environments for people that still (god only 
knows why) code and run MUDs. :)  Later I want to expand it to be a "scale as 
you need it" hosting setup. I'd like to be able to increase the maximum ammt of 
ram realtime. I know that xen can (in theory, not tried yet) do cpu slice 
limiting. And i've also seen indications that iSCSI is workable. 

Anyways, this would be a test implementation of what i'll (TIC) call "grid 
hosting" *ducks*. 

If anyone is interested in working on this, please let me know. I'd appreciate 
any input and/or advice. :)


p.s. ok, I admit it, I still play in muds once in a while... :)

p.p.s. I have extensive cluster administration and high availability 
experience, so i'm looking mostly for someone or more than just one, that has 
worked with clustering on linux before.

p.p.p.s. umm, no bad jokes about the subject line of this email. ;)

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