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Re: [Xen-devel] Network questions

> I wonder if there is some way to control the network traffic of new 
> domains(other than Dom0) in Xen.
> I mean although we can allocate an external IP address for each new domain, 
> and the new domains can
> access the WAN as they wish, there is only one physical network card.
> So if each new domain has a lot of network traffic, the interrupts will keep 
> the whole system very busy. 
> I know we can control the CPU time, memory, and disk for new domains.
> So can we do something similar to that kind of scheduling for network?
> Or can someone tell me which part of the source code relates to this?

See "xc_dom_control.py vif_setsched". You can use it to set rate
limit for a domain's transmit bandwidth in bytes per microsecond.

As regards packets received, Xen is careful to do "early discard"
on incoming packets for domains that are unable to keep up with
packet arrivals, so only minimal resources are wasted. 

Under some deployment scenarios I guess it might be useful to be
able to rate limit incoming traffic as well as out going. We
currently don't do this, but it might be possible to configure
Linux tc to do this under the NGIO model in the unstable tree.


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