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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen

> I've been recently testing the Xendemo CD and I can say that Xen is awesome.
> I'd like to start deploying it initially in some development/testing servers.
> However the limitation of the max memory of 800MB or so per virtual machine is
> a show stopper for many applications.
> Are there plans to raise the limit to something higher (like 2GB or so)? 
> How difficult would it be?

The 800MB limit is a limitation of XenoLinux, not Xen. This limitation
is fixed in the latest version of Xen/XenoLinux (v1.3), as XenoLinux
now supports CONFIG_HIGHMEM allowing each guest OS to be allocated up
to 4GB of memory.

> Another feature that would be very nice (and I've seen other requests for it 
> in
> this list too) is the possibility of sharing readonly (and possibly executable
> only) memory among different domains, which would reduce the total memory
> utilization.

We are considering implementing a shared buffer cache, but haven't
fully worked out the details. Another thing we're looking at is using
shadow page tables to allow translation of memory addresses without
guest-OS knowledge -- this could be used to quite easily implement
shared read-only pages entirely within Xen, with no guest OS

 -- Keir

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