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[Xen-devel] Error creating block interface

I've now got Xen/Xenolinux booting (no idea how/why; built a new kernel from
a brand new config file and it worked fine). However, if i try and start a new
domain up i get the following error:

root@iris:/etc/xc# xc_dom_create.py -f test1 -Dvmid=1 
Parsing config file 'test1'
VM image           : "/boot/xen/xenolinux.gz"
VM ramdisk         : ""
VM memory (MB)     : "64"
VM IP address(es)  : ""
VM block device(s) : "vd:1,/dev/hda1,w; vd:2,/dev/hdb1,w"
VM cmdline         : "  "
 Loaded kernel: c0000000->c0263968
 Init. ramdisk: c0264000->c0264000
 Phys-Mach map: c0264000->c0274000
 Page tables:   c0274000->c0276000
 Start info:    c0276000->c0277000
 Boot stack:    c0277000->c0278000
 TOTAL:         c0000000->c0400000
 ENTRY ADDRESS: c0000000
Error creating block interface
Error type: exception
Exception type: exceptions.AttributeError
Exception val:  'NoneType' object has no attribute 'space_to_write_request'

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Jody Belka
knew (at) pimb (dot) org

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