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Re: [Xen-devel] domain0 no longer boots

> this works for dom0, but the 'U' kernel needs it's own modules (which 
> shouldn't be copied automatically to /lib/modules).
> Is it possible to change the full names of the kernels to 2.4.26-xen0 and 
> 2.4.26-xenU for domain 0 and >0 respectively? At least that way the modules 
> could be copied to /lib/modules even if they would never actually be used 
> from there.

In most scenarios, the dom0 and unprivileged kernels can share
the same modules. Is there a problem with doing that in your
> I think i'm getting closer to starting another domain > 0. I just started it, 
> then a few seconds later xend wrote a message about netif and then I lost my 
> remote ssh connection to domain0. I assume that this is the bridge problem 
> you described earlier.

Yep, the bridge problem is still there.

The 'netfix' script now almost does the right thing to recover,
but neglects to do a "brctl addif nbe-br eth0" to actually add
eth0 to the bridge.
> Actually I have just found that I can connect to the other
> domain. For some reason eth0 has grabbed a dhcp address even
> though /etc/network/interfaces tells it to have a static
> address.

Hmm, not sure how that is happening. netfix is supposed to
transfer the IP address from eth0 to the bridge device (nbe-br)
to work around what is arguably a bug in the linux bridge code.

I reckon by the end of the week the unstable tree should have
settled down to working reliably again...


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