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Re: [Xen-devel] domain0 no longer boots

> On Tue, Jun 22, 2004 at 08:30:40AM +0100, Ian Pratt wrote:
> > Yep, the bridge problem is still there.
> > 
> > The 'netfix' script now almost does the right thing to recover,
> > but neglects to do a "brctl addif nbe-br eth0" to actually add
> > eth0 to the bridge.
> I got round this by configuring my dom0 distribution to set up
> the nbe-br bridge itself at bootup, connecting eth0 to it, and
> then assigning my main ip address to that, instead of eth0.
> Worked quite nicely, other than it wanting to wait for 30
> seconds after setting up the bridge for it to "stabalise".
> Haven't got round to digging into the scripts and turning that
> off though yet.

I believe you can avoid the Linux bridge code's 30s stabilise period with:
 "brctl sethello nbe-br 0"


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