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[Xen-devel] progress and a problem

I've got xen calling into my hypervisor_callback but i'm seeing a very 
weird problem. On the first instruction, which is a PUSHL %eax, I take a 
page fault. The values of %ss and %esp on stack make no sense, and in 
fact change from run to run of the guest OS. All other values stay the 
same. PC does look right. 

If i just put an IRETL as the first instruction of the hypervisor_callback
all is well -- no problem. Does Xen pass in a read-only stack segment to
the callback? I don't see similar problems on the Linux side.

If I get a stack dump, everything EXCEPT ss/esp look fine -- cs, ds, etc. 
are all right. 

I have done a HYPERVISOR_stack_switch call, and all other interrupts work 
save this one.

what function in Xen calls the hypervisor_callback in the guest?


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