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[Xen-devel] networking

I have domains > 0 booting under the latest release. Here's some things I've noticed:
. even though I have /etc/network/interfaces configured, eth0 just starts as dhcp, even though there appears to be no dhcp daemon running. Maybe this is because it is running in runlevel 4?
. Domain0 has (or will have) eth0, eth1, and eth2. I want vif1.0 bridged to eth2, and vif1.1 bridged to eth1. I don't seem to get any say in the bridging done in domain0, xend appears to do it all itself.
. I can't get any access to dom1's console. telnet localhost 9601 just causes xend to complain.
. even though I have specified mac addresses in the config file, it just gives a random one with the AA prefix. I think a locally assigned mac address should look like: FE:FD:xx:xx:xx:xx. A suggestion for assigning these dynamically could be: FE:FD:rr:rr:vv:ii where rr = a random prefix (or maybe in a config file), vv is the vmid, ii is the interface index. rr:rr would be necessary in a site with multiple xend servers.
. Destroying a domain doesn't appear to remove it from the list in "xm list"
. When I restarted a domain with 2 nics (had 1 before), dom0 is no longer reachable (i'm sitting at home while the server is at work so I can't check why at the moment - the server could have been stolen for all I can tell from here :).
As i've mentioned before, i'd really like to see xend call a script when a vif comes up, so it can be bridged, routed, whatever, as appropriate. Ditto for when a vif goes down.
Hope that the above is useful rather than annoying!



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