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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen-Unstable : no eth0 when boot up

> yeah, I found the typo in the grub.conf. But actually I just used it with
> 1.2, and worked fine.
> I'll change it anyway.
> I checked the ethernet card is e100, which is not set in .config, so just
> set 'CONFIG_E100=y',right?
> but I have question about 'make dep' and 'make dist'. It's done under
> /xeno-unstable.bk, not under
> /xeno-unstable.bk/linux-2.4.26-xen,right? But after I did it, it still
> doesn't work.
> I found 'make dist' only build xen and tools, didn't use .config,so I guess
> the change isn't effective.
> And with 'make world', it change back to the original .config, so no use
> either.
> So I guess maybe I should try set 'CONFIG_E100=y' in .config, and
>        make linux_xenU_config
>        make linux_xenU
>        make linux_xen0_config
>        make linux_xen0
> Is the guess right?

That'll blow your config away again. :-)  What you want to do is
create your desired .config script as you describe above, and then
place it in install/boot/config-2.4.26-xen0

Then do the make lines you list above and 'make linux_Xen0_config'
will copy your config file from install/boot.

 -- Keir

> Sorry for your time, coz I'm working remote now, if screw it again, then I
> cannot login. So better make sure how to deal it.

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