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[Xen-devel] error report + support questions (Modified by Rune Johan Andresen)

Hi, with the latest bitkeeper download the xeno-unstable is not downloaded the proper way. They found a bug yesterday and today is gives errormessages like: broken pipe, bitkeeper does not support <the latest version>. The final tree is not looking good, f.eks the config files looks messed up etc.

Well, I still have boot up problems and I am still trying to solve it. You might know what happens with following information(?):

When i add console=tty0 it boot up until "Freeing unused kernel memory: 112 freed".

When i dont add it, as recommended, Xen unly boots up a few lines (until (XEN) ..... hit ctrl + d 3 times ...) Here it might be some conflict between the Red Hat enterprise 2, which is the OS i am trying this on, and the Xen kernel (?). Is there a "easy way" to compile the Xen kernel with the old config file. I was trying to put the old config file information under the Xen specs in the intall/boot/.config and do a make -j4 world afterwards, but got an error after long time compiling, and I don't know enough about the Xen code to really know if this functions.

best regards
Rune J.Andresen

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