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[Xen-devel] Interrupt handler in Xen?

Hi, all
I am reading Xen's source code. Currently it seems that I have some difficulty in finding the interrupt handlers of the virtual machine. In arch/xen/kernl/Evtchn.c, a fucntion
     int bind_virq_to_irq (int virq)
is defined to map virtual irq to irq. However, how can I find the handlers for these irq?
Take the network interrupts as an example, in arch/xen/drivers/network/Network.c,
 bind_virq_to_irq is called to set the interrupt handler. However, the source code is
  network_irq = bind_virq_to_irq(VIRQ_NET);
  No specific function pointers are mentioned in this process. So, how these interrupt
 handlers are set?
  Thanks a lot!

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