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Re: [Xen-devel] can't mount root... devfs???

> devfs is alive and well in 2.6. there is a udev(?) scheme i think which 
> accomplishes the same sort of thing via a different mechanism, but that is 
> about the extent of my knowledge on it and is probably wrong anyway!!!
> it is the kernel failing to mount /dev/sda7, not userspace. It also fails if 
> I specify root as 0807, so I guess it isn't a devfs issue on dom1. Dom0 also 
> is using devfs, /dev/sda7 is a symlink to 
> /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target5/lun0/part7, which is in turn of the right major 
> and minor number. Would xen be failing to work out the device numbers because 
> of the symlink?

Possibly, though we always used to look through links; don't know
about the new tools, but this could be the issue. Could you try a
devfs dom0 and standard dom1?
> After my next reboot i'll try making /dev/sda7 a proper device node. After 
> dom1 crashes and burns, I don't seem to be able to kill it (xm destroy 1), or 
> create it again, so I have to reboot. doh.

Is this with the latest repo? I think some changes that went in
last night finally got this functionality working again.

> Also, make menuconfig for xenU flashes an error on the screen but otherwise 
> works unless I try to look in SCSI where I get this message:
> Menuconfig has encountered a possible error in one of the kernel's
> configuration files and is unable to continue.  Here is the
> error

There's something broken with the arch/xen/config.in but I just
can't spot it. The error messages from the Linux config system
are so spectacularly unhelpful that it's impossible to
debug. Fortunately, the error message doesn't actually seem to
obviously break anything, though I have noticed xconfig do
strange things if you ever visit the SCSI config pages.

I think we need to revert to the standard i386 one, and then just
add back in the Xen specific options.

Anyone fancy a really boring but important job? ;-)


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