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Re: [Xen-devel] 2.6 / XenSV

On 5 Aug 2004, at 11:52, Björn Sessler wrote:

and one question to xensv
would it not be easier to build the xensv as a webmin-module? so u can use
ssl, login, templates etc... from there. i know thats perl and i can't
contribute too, but i think this is worth to think about, not?

best regards,


The main reason we chose to use the twisted framework to implement XenSV was that XenD also used twisted, and we were trying to keep our dependancies down. The current version of XenSV is a bit of a toy, and eventually I would like to make the transport used (twisted, apache, etc) irrelevant and up to the end user, and add many more functions. I think with twisted it would be possible to use ssl, logins etc, and we chose the python language as half the work was already done in interfacing to XenD (with xm and XendClient).

One day I will get round to adding lots more to XenSV, but hold for error-checking, I have no more plans before the 2.0 release, as I've moved on to the XenoSever software now.



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