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[Xen-devel] Problem exporting enbd device from Dom0 to DomU

I have got enbd to work in Dom0 (kernel 2.6.7).
This means I can access a remote block device on another
physical server from Dom0.
I have put a file system on it, copied around, etc. Works.
So far so good....
When I try to export the enbd device ("dev/nda") from Dom0
to another unprivileged domain (with kernel 2.4.26) then it does not work.
The interesting part of my xmdefaults file looks like that:

disk = ['phy:nda,sdb,w','phy:hda3,sda1,w]
root = "/dev/sda1 ro"

I am using sda1 as root device and wanted to use sdb as an
additonal device to play with.

I am starting the xen-U domain like this:

xm create cpu=-1 ip=

and the xend log shows:

[2004-08-06 16:35:52 xend] DEBUG (__init__:988) init_domain> Created domain=3 
name=ExampleDomain1 memory=256
[2004-08-06 16:35:52 xend] INFO (__init__:988) Created console id=13 domain=3 
[2004-08-06 16:35:52 xend] DEBUG (__init__:988) Creating vbd dom=3 
uname=phy:nda dev=sdb
[2004-08-06 16:35:52 xend] DEBUG (__init__:988) Creating vbd dom=3 
uname=phy:hda3 dev=sda1
[2004-08-06 16:35:52 xend] DEBUG (__init__:988) Creating vif dom=3 vif=0 
[2004-08-06 16:35:52 xend] DEBUG (__init__:988) Error: Adding extent to vbd 
failed! (device 2b00)
[2004-08-06 16:35:52 xend] DEBUG (__init__:988) Connecting blkif to event 
channel dom=3 ports=14:4

I think the line starting with "Error:..." is the important one. What does 
device 2b00 mean ?

Btw: I am only trying to create exactly one (unpriv.) Domain.

When I try to access /dev/sdb in the created Domain, I receive an "is not a 
valid block device" error, exactly like
with any other unassigned device.

Are there any known problems with enbd devices and xen ?
Did I made a configuration mistake ?
Has anybody else tried to get enbd to work with xen (with 2.6.7 Dom0 and 2.4.36 
DomU) ?

TIA + Regards,

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