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Re: [Xen-devel] Newer Changesets broke Dom0 boot with 2.6.7

I tried your proposals, but it helped only to solve a
part of the problems:

By either adding "nosegfixup" to the kernel command line
and/or renaming /lib/tls, I could get rid of the segfaults which
totally prevented the 2.6.7 kernel from booting in Dom0 (Csets 1.1158+).
So, in this case, it helped a lot ;-)

However, it did not remove the segfaults generated by
kudzu and hwclock, which were introduced around
CSet 1.1154.
It seems that something was changed concerning how
you directly access hardware in xen(-linux) starting
around CSet 1.1154, because both kudzu and hwclock
directly address hardware (..?).

If you need any further debugging for both issues (I assume
"nosegfixup" is only a workaround and not a real bugfix) 
from me, just drop me an email and tell me what debug
options I have to activate ;-)

Thx + have a nice weekend to all,
  Sven...switching over from computer live to real live....

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On 07.08.2004 at 00:22 Ian Pratt wrote:

>> It seems that newer changesets broke booting a Dom0 with kernel 2.6.7.
>> At least with Fedora Core 2, which I am using.
>> CSet 1.1153 was the last one working correctly for me.
>> CSet 1.1154 introduced segfaults during bootprocess with kudzu and
>> but the kernel was still able to finish the bootprocess.
>> (I did not test any CSets between 1.1153 and 1.1154).
>> Cset 1.1156: Like 1.1154
>> CSet 1.1158 Additonal segfaults during Dom0 boot with
>> /sbin/devlabel, initlog and mounting file systems.
>> The kernel is no longer able to boot Dom0; the boot process
>> freezes.
>Thanks for the report.
>Please can you try 'mv /lib/tls /lib/tlsXXX'.  If that helps,
>please can you put it back and try adding 'nosegfixup' on the
>kernel command line.

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