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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen unprivileged domain not booting

> I am using the Xen 1.3 development sources, from the tarball on
> the website.  I was able to build and boot linux-2.4.26-xen0 as
> Domain 0 on the beater box.  However, I am unable to boot the
> unprivileged domain using a separate partition for its root
> filesystem.  Both Domain 0 and Domain 1 are using Debian.

Very odd. The 'short writes' suggest that there's some serious
disagreement about the size of the partition that's being

> I downloaded the xeno-unstable-src.tgz tarball on August 12th.  I
> can try a newer version if anyone thinks that will help.

It might be worth a try, as there have been literally hundreds of
changesets since then!

BTW: which document did you get the 'xda' syntax from? I believe
'xda' still works, but I haven't used it myself in ages as it's
now possible to export a device to appear as a hd[abcd] or
sd[abcd] in the guest domain. This has the advantage that it
typically avoids the need to edit the /etc/fstab.

If you still have problems, please can you enable the debug flags
in drivers/xen/blkback/common.h and rebuild and try again. You
should get some messages appear in dom0 if you do a dmesg.

To help debug this you'll also need to post the output of
/proc/partitions and '/sbin/sfdisk -s' and 'tune2fs -l' on all
the relevant partitions. 

We'll also need to see the output from xend when the new domain
is being started.


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