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RE: [Xen-devel] can't start domains

i just realised that the other difference between the working server and the not working server is that the working one is using 2.4 in dom0 (and the 2.4 version of lvm) while the non-working server is using 2.6 in dom0 (and thus the 2.6 version of lvm).
dom0 is happy to mkswap on /dev/vg00/gaia2-swap, and to mount /dev/vg00/gaia2.
those are symlinks to /dev/mapper, and I have tried mounting the files that the symlink points to without any success, in case that matters.
If I remove the "disk =" line out of the config file, then it creates the domain, which in turn gets as far as wanting to mount the root filesystem, a lot more success.
If I change the disk line to use my swap partition instead (the only other partition I can usefully point to), it still breaks in the same way as when I was using /dev/vg00/gaia2
So for some reason, I have a problem using any block device from xen!!!
Removing the nics from my config didn't make any difference. fwiw, i've always used multiple nics and have never had a problem with them. Maybe i just missed the bad spot.
One mistake I made earlier was having some old 1.2 files lying around from when I tested this server a while ago. I think I have cleaned them up, but apart from the possibility of 2.6 causing a problem, that's my most likely cause. Where should I look for stale files?

From: Ian Pratt
Sent: Sun 22/08/2004 6:24 PM
To: James Harper
Cc: Ian Pratt; xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; mike.wray@xxxxxxxxxx; Ian.Pratt@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Xen-devel] can't start domains

> the output i sent yesterday was a combination of xend and xm, here's just the xm output:
> xen2:/etc/xen# xm create -f /etc/xen/gaia2
> Using config file "/etc/xen/gaia2".
> Error: Error creating domain: int argument required
> here's /etc/xen/gaia2
> #  -*- mode: python; -*-
> #import sys
> #import xenctl.ip
> vmid=3
> kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.7-xenU"
> memory = 128
> name = "gaia2"
> cpu = vmid
> nics = 2
> vif = [ 'mac=FE:FD:01:00:04:00,bridge=br0', 'mac=FE:FD:01:00:04:01,bridge=br1' ]
> disk = [ 'phy:vg00/gaia2,sda1,w', 'phy:vg00/gaia2-swap,sda2,w' ]
> root = "/dev/sda1 ro"
> extra = " 4 VMID=%d " % vmid
> restart = False

Not withstanding the bug in Xend's error reporting path, it looks
like something is going wrong exporting vg00/gaia2-swap.

Can you do an 'sfdisk -s /dev/vg00/gaia2-swap' to check that dom0 is
happy with it.

The next thing to do would be to enable the debug printf's in
drivers/xen/blkback/common.h and then you might get some useful
messages on the dom0 console ('dmesg').

BTW: There was a multiple NICs bug that got fixed recently, so
you should probably be using a very recent checkout.




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