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Re: [Xen-devel] xen0=2.6.7 network problem in xenU (SOLVED)

> I probably should clarify, I can't get xenU to talk on the network in any way 
> (it listens but doesn't talk) when xen0 has the ipv6 module loaded.
> simply having the ipv6 module there in dom0 seems to break things

What happens if you run "tcpdump -ni vifX.X" in domain 0. Do you
see any packets being sent from the other domain?

What about packet count statistics if you do "ifconfig vifX.X"?
Does the receive count go up? Are there any errors or drops?

It's really hard to imagine how either our netfront or netback
drivers could not be totally transparent to protocol.

ebtables or bridge code has to be the prime suspect. This will be
confirmed if the tcpdump'ing the vif shows packets. 

If packets aren't showing up, try enabling the debug printf's in
netback/common.h and netfront.c


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