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Re: [Xen-devel] Problems with virtual disks in DomU

> I am trying to move from Xen 1.2 to the latest revision of Xen and I'm 
> having problems accessing virtual block devices from DomU. The machine is a 
> Dell PowerEdge 1750 (I had to compile Fusion MPT support into Dom0, but it 
> all seems to work fine now).
> If I export /dev/sdb to domain U as /dev/sdb read-write (i.e. disk = [ 
> 'phy:sdb,sdb,w' ]), then DomU doesn't seem to see the disk at all; I get the 
> following error:
> Initialising Xen virtual block device
> Partition check:
>   sdb:<6>Timeout connecting block device driver!

This suggests that xend hasn't created the appropriate object for
configuring your block device.

Seeing the messages coming out of xend would be very interesting,
as would enabling the debug flags in blkback/common.h (messages
will come out on the dom 0 console; you can capture them with

Also, at the point where it's failed trying to fsck, trying doing
an '/sbin/sfdisk -s /dev/sdb1'.


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