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Re: [Xen-devel] Problems with virtual disks in DomU

> (file=control.c, line=13) Received blkif backend message, subtype=0
> (file=interface.c, line=107) Successfully created blkif
> (file=control.c, line=13) Received blkif backend message, subtype=4
> (file=vbd.c, line=74) Successful creation of vdev=0810 (dom=1)
> (file=control.c, line=13) Received blkif backend message, subtype=6
> (file=vbd.c, line=190) vbd_grow: requested_len 286749480 actual_len 286749480
> (file=vbd.c, line=198) Successful grow of vdev=0810 (dom=1)
> device vif1.0 entered promiscuous mode
> (file=control.c, line=13) Received blkif backend message, subtype=2

This all looks fine: the blkback driver seems happy with
exporting sdb.

> Partition check:
>   sdb:<1>Entered do_blkif_request
> do_blkif_request c11ac980: cmd 0, sec 0, (2/8) bh:c11a91e0
> Timeout connecting block device driver!
The very first message that the blkfront driver sends to blkback
is a probe to find out what devices it has. 

It doesn't seem to be getting any response, which is very odd

Are you using an up to date repository? Are you 100% sure that
the version of the tools, xen and kernels are all built from this

Can you try exporting sda (or sda1) readonly and see if that
works? (I can't think why there'd be a problem with sdb, but I
haven't got a system I can easily test this on.)

The next thing to do would be to add some tracing to the
interrupt handler in blkback to see if you ever see the request
from blkfront. 


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